Monday, July 31, 2006

1 structure of government in Jamaica

Did you know that Jamaica was once ruled by Britain. The country gained its independence in 1962. The Governor General represences Queen Elizabeth the ii of England. To find out more about this country and its government visit then identify the time of year that Jamaica celebrate independence day.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

5 The Executive

Another structure of the government is the Executive, this consists of the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers. The Prime Minister is the head of government followed by the Opposition. However the Governor General is a higher authority.
1 List two functions of the Governor General,
2 Name the Prime Minister
3 What is the name of Jamaica first native governor general?

4The Judicary (continues)

I bet you did not know that the Petty session courts are tried by aJustice of the Peace? Based on your readings in the SSTP social studies text Book3 or your findings at www. jis. name the heighest court in the Judiciary system and identify its location.

2 The Judicary

2. There are three structure of government in Jamaica. The Executive, Legilative, and the Judiciary. visit for futher information. You can also find this information in the Grade 9 social studies text , SSTP,Book 3
Make a list of all the different courts in Jamaica and identify the function of one. Have fun boys and girls.

5 The Legislator

Jamaica government is a Parliamentary Democracy . The government is formed by majority vote. There are two political parties. Members are elected by popular votes, and they normally serve the country for five years.
There are sixty members of parliament shared my the two major political parties the Opposition and the ruling party. There are also twenty - one senetors appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister for further information please visit

Friday, July 28, 2006

3. Jamaican Flag

Here is a image of the Jamaican Flag, visit the website given previously based on the information given list the month and the year that the Jamaican flag was hoist.

Structure of government in Jamaica

6. Did you know that you can find information on the structure of government in Jamaica at .com
Jamaica was a British colony, with Queen Elizabeth II being the head of states, since February 6th 1952. The Governor General is her representive.